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I am a church organist with many years of experience. On my website you will find my book for beginning students, and evaluations of several online piano courses. if you've always wanted to learn piano but could not find the time, here is your opportunity. Step by step lessons online.


Piano/Organ lessons online

I have been giving piano lessons for many years.  I find my students fascinating.  Each has their own unique learning style,  I have had 5 year olds who figured out how to read music easily.  I have had adults who struggled with note reading but took off flying when I taught them to use chords. 

What's your learning style?


I can do weddings in the Milwaukee area from May to October. From  October to April I will be in Mesa AZ

I charge on a sliding scale depending on how much or how little I need to do, I am most familiar with the Catholic wedding service but can do others.

I will not do a wedding outdoors.  If you are thinking about doing one, call me and I will tell you about the hazards!


I am most familiar with the Catholic funeral service but have done funerals and memorial services at the funeral home.  I have a master's degree in pastoral studies and can provide a grieving family with a service fitting to their needs.

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